Facebook Closed Group


Welcome to the Private/Closed ADHD Parent Support Group!

Unlike public groups, closed groups are more exclusive. Like public groups, everyone can search for and view the name, description and member list of a closed group. But users can't view the group's content until they become a member. To join a closed group you have to be approved by an administrator or invited by a current member.

*FOLLOW THE KIND RULES - Be kind and have gentle conversation with others. We are a group of parents committed to lifting each other up as we make this journey of parenting kids who have ADHD and many other special needs. The goal of this support is to offer information, opinions, and experiences so that others may learn from them and feel connected to one another. because some days can feel lonely.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE - Our personal choices on this journey may be different. We need to be respectful of others and their choices. This group includes parents who chose to use medication and parents who don't, parents who send their children to public school and those who home-school. Regardless of our choices, ALL are welcome.

*PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a place where disrespect or negativity directed at anyone else in the group will be tolerated. Posts and comments will be deleted if they are deemed aggressive, or counterproductive to our culture of support.

*PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a place to solicit new clients, customers, readers, followers, or otherwise promote yourself. If you'd like to advertise an event or a service in the group, please message me and we can talk about whether it's appropriate for this group or not and I may be able to help or collaborate with you. IF YOU SOLICIT OR PROMOTE WITHOUT CONTACTING OUR TEAM FIRST YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP.*

Thank you for your interest in our Facebook Private/Closed Group.