A.D.H.D. Parent Support Group and Parents for Children's Mental Health joint effort for the 14th Annual Community Service Fair, 2019 held at The Frontenac Mall

  • PCMH has established itself as the most forceful and articulate advocate for family-centered change.
  • PCMH has defined the meaning of family-centred child and youth mental health services in its interaction with professionals and agencies, and it has begun to popularize the concept to targeted audiences and the wider public.
  • PCMH has a crucial and unique role to play in defining what child and youth mental health services should actually entail.
  • PCMH is the voice of families who are struggling with child and youth mental health disorders/illness, an often isolated voice, and represents and supports families who are often times overwhelemed and overburdened by the restrictions of the system, and the isolating and devastating effects of mental health disorders/illness.