Denise's Story

A mother of four, celebrating 29 years of marriage and having a heart for helping people. Denise is an advocate for mental health and a believer in the impossible! She is currently in a place where she is learning to love herself more by letting go of things she can’t change and stepping back from control.

Denise has broken the chains from her past and is no longer a victim, she thrives! When Denise’s 3rd child was diagnosed with ADHD, and having no resources or support available and struggling through many issues alone it became a very lonely place. Friends and family were not always as supportive as she needed them to be. Denise founded the ADHD Parent Support Group in 2010; the mission is to better the lives of children and families living with ADHD and Mental Health. Denise believes people get well in groups and more importantly she believes you are never really alone.

Thank you to the Ministry of Education for the financial support from PRO Grant (Parent Reaching Out Grant) This support has made the journey possible, it’s really just the beginning! There are no quick fixes to many of the hurdles we will face in life, but having a safe place to share with others can make a huge difference. We do not have all the answers, but we can offer resources, information, and a shoulder to lean on.

~ Denise Vanden Engel

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