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Why Join Us?

Overcoming ADHD is not about running away from it! It’s about embracing it, embracing your child’s differences. Your child is not broken or damaged...
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Our Vision

We, parents, strive to change people’s perception around ADHD and Mental Health. This change begins by educating families, which will lead ...
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Share Stories

Sharing stories has proven to help many families understand and overcome many obstacles both for parents and children alike.
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Why Join?

The key to managing our child’s differences is not about being right all the time. It’s not about having all the answers. It’s about being prepared for what comes next! It’s about the challenges we face and having the tools that work when we need them the most.
Sharing experiences is a key component in understanding your child and opening your mind to strategies that have helped many families.
Spread the word and let other parents know that the ADHD Parent Support Group is here to help.

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Upcoming Events/Meetings/Workshops

February 13, 2018

Parent Support Group Meeting
Special Guest: Ryan J. Deacon
Mr Deacon is a staff lawyer at the Kingston Community Legal Clinic, specializing in Education law. He offers free legal services to primary and secondary school students and their families and can help with suspensions, expulsions, transportation, accommodations for children with exceptional needs, and other issues.

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