Story of an ever-growing parent and avid attendee

“The idea of a ‘support group’ after discovering the motherhood adventure I was headed towards, was not the road envisioned, was daunting. Denial and isolating my family was what I thought a comfortable cure was, safe from judgment, despite lonely, a solution I could live with. Until, I couldn’t.

Stepping out of the shadows has been a whirlwind of emotion and well….frightening, but a turn in our map that has allowed change, grown acceptance and the hope that we may just make it. If there has been one pivotal turn from attending meetings, it’s realizing the wealth of help and acceptance available, if you let the light in.

It’s support not just for your child, but a pitstop of change that as a parent I NEEDED to encompass.”

~ Signed an ever-growing parent and avid attendee

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