Story from a Parent

My 13-year old son was in grade two when we got his official diagnosis of ADHD. Anxiety and a non-verbal learning disability were eventually added as well. I was quick to read all about ADHD - the myths and realities, bought expensive books and gadgets, and sought out professional help. I quickly learned something - there's a lot of information out there but little support, especially for parents.

I don't remember how I first learned about the ADHD Parent Support Group but it was about five years ago. I rarely attended meetings at first but went to the fall workshops. It wasn't that I didn't NEED the support but I was living in chaos. Home, work, personal life "stuff" and now this!?! I was just getting through the workday so the idea of attending the meeting was just one more thing that made me tired. As we journeyed through the maze that is ADHD and mental health, things eventually started to calm down. I was accessing all the supports I could for my son. I could breathe - for the most part. There are still 'those days'.

Now it was time for me. I started attending the support groups regularly this past spring. I moved into a volunteer role with the group, assisting with the fall workshop. I am doing my best to spread positive information and educate others on ADHD. I cannot express strongly enough what this group has meant in maintaining my sanity...and sense of humour.

The non-judgemental listening ears of these parents, grandparents, aunts, and other loved ones is one of the greatest tools I have now. I have made some great friends who get me and my child, our struggles AND our joys. I only have one regret. I should have started sooner.

~ Parent

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